What They Don’t Tell You About College



You hear lots of things about college.


Opportunities. Independence. Exploration. Education.

Parties. Activities. Classes. Clubs. Majors.


They tell you about the highlights.

They tell you the parts that are advertise-able.

They tell you the parts they want you to see.

Not the whole story.

There are some things they don’t tell you about college, but that doesn’t make those parts any less real.


What they don’t tell you about college is that between the ‘opportunities’ and ‘things to do’, there’s uncertainty. Lots of it.

You won’t be sure what you want to do, where you want to go, or who you want to be.


They don’t tell you is that when you get to college, where you can ‘be whoever you want’, you might realize that you have no idea who that is.


They don’t tell you that you’ll question everything, and the answers might surprise you.


They don’t tell you that college is lonely.

Somehow, a campus with tens of thousands of people creates a loneliness that can make you feel invisible and insignificant.


What they don’t tell you is that in high school, all you wanted was to be on your own, to support yourself, and not rely on anyone else.

But in college, you’re on your own whether you like it or not, and it’s not easy.


What they don’t tell you is that you won’t be friends with those people you promised to keep in touch with from high school.

They also won’t tell you that you’ll be much better off without those people, and there are much better friendships to be found.


What they don’t tell you is that you have to fight for and stand up for yourself.

If you don’t, you’ll be overtaken by everything college lets you be.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.


They won’t tell you that partying and drinking won’t fulfill you, and it won’t bring you the same joy in the morning that it did last night.


They won’t tell you that you will be sad. You will be lonely. You will be unsure of yourself.

There will be times that are tough to get through, and days that seem impossible.

But you will find a way to keep fighting, and you’ll find people to help you get through it all.

You might have some of your worst times, but you’ll also have some of your best.


What they don’t tell you is that with every choice you make, from what to eat or whether skip class, you’re choosing who you are and who you’ll become.

You’re choosing whether you’re a doer or a don’t-er (okay, you get the idea…).

You’re choosing whether to jump in and play the game of life, or to let it play you.


What they don’t tell you is that while in this phase between childhood and adulthood, you’ll grow up.

You won’t know the moment you stop feeling like a kid.


What they don’t tell you about college is that it’ll challenge you, in ways you didn’t even think possible.

You’ll change your mind on things that make you ‘you’, or you might hold fast to all the things you stand for.

With challenge comes growth, and you’ll grow more than you ever have.


They won’t tell you all the things you’ll learn about yourself.

You’ll learn how much sleep your body needs, what you look for in a friend, and that sometimes all you need is a bowl of ice cream and a good laugh to cheer you up.

You’ll learn that the world is an insane, incredible place.

And may not know your place in it yet, but you will.


They won’t tell you any of these things. Most of them aren’t pretty, or easy to explain.

The college experience can’t be listed on a website or shown on a tour, because there is so much more to it than that.


What they don’t tell you about college is that it’s crazy, overwhelming, unpredictable, and difficult.

But it’s amazing.

It’ll make you both scared and excited for the future.

But it’ll also make you thankful for the past.


What they don’t tell you is that with every dining hall meal, class registration, and night spent out with friends, you’re making memories, and a life.

Your life.

What they don’t tell you is that you’ll walk out a different person than the one that walked in.

You might be uncertain of who exactly that person will be, but you’ve got four years to figure it out.


They don’t tell you all these things.

They won’t.

They can’t.

Some things you just have to find out for yourself.





19 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You About College

    1. Ahh good luck to you in these last few weeks, that’s so exciting!!! I’m a first year student but graduating early and I’ve had a lot on my mind recently and wanted to share, so I’m so glad you enjoyed and related!!

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  1. Kristen, it’s interesting to see that you are already discovering these member years ago telling someone that the friends they had in High School may not even be a part of there lives later on. They couldn’t believe it.
    You will find that true also for a number of friends that you make in College, unless you find your husband there.
    Enjoy the experience and learn from them, just don’t let them change your core,values,,these are the things that will ultimately mold your life. Learn from your experiences and store away the good memories and discard those of insignificance.
    Love Grandpa

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    1. I must’ve inherited some wisdom for you! I think you could start your own blog with all the wonderful lessons you’ve learned 🙂 This is such great advice, I especially love the part about discarding the insignificant bits! Always enjoy your comments, Love you!


      1. I’ve always been extremely independent, but I’ve found that in college I rely more on others for fellowship and encouragement, which I think is a good thing! Will do, just checked out your blog and I love it already! 🙂

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  2. Kristen, these are so true. Not just for college! As I’ve been living on my own, I’ve found that these things get even more real when you’re on your own. As someone who is living in my own place, coming home can be lonely. It can be confusing figuring out who you are apart from parents, and apart from other organizations. It’s overwhelming. Life is much harder and more real than I ever anticipated, but with God, so much better! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m sure it only gets lonelier and many more lessons are learned in living on your own! It’s such a strange transition. I agree, it’s all easier when you rely on Him to help you through it all!! Blessings 🙂


  3. You are so on point with this post. I have felt all these emotions and struggles at college. Especially the uncertainty and loneliness. I really didn’t expect to feel like I was all by myself when I was surrounded by people. It’s a strange thing!
    It’s such a crazy time of life but so worth it in the end .


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