How I Got Here

 While I’d like to say that my journey towards creating this blog was a long, treacherous adventure, the tale of the creation of this blog isn’t very exciting, but it did take a while, over 18 years actually, and I think that is a notable feat. Given that I didn’t use a computer for the first 12 years of my life of so, that still leaves about 6 years living in the world of the Internet, and growing up in the boom of social media and personalized web space.

I began my social media life on Facebook, like all 13-year-old-girls do, and then branched out to other popular platforms like, Tumblr, my first true blogging experience, Instagram, sharing brief snapshots of my life, Twitter, capturing my thoughts in under 140 characters, and YouTube, where I had a brief run making video blogs. While almost everyone has some degree of an online presence thanks to social media, I’ve always had the desire to be able to share my thoughts and ideas with others beyond the typical medium used daily by my peers (like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat).

My brief season on YouTube a few years ago was my first shot at posting in a way that wasn’t as limited by the constraints of other common media. While I enjoyed creating videos about DIY tutorials and beauty tips, the content took a long time to create and it was difficult to master the art of filming and editing, along with trying to catch the wave of becoming a popular channel. I wasn’t cut out to be a YouTuber, but I gained some serious respect for those who do it consistently and do it well. After trying out YouTube and deciding it wasn’t for me, I was once again stuck looking for a window that was better fit for me to see and be seen through.


Next Stop: Blogging

Now, after graduating high school and thus closing a big chapter of my life, I have begun college during this past summer semester, where I took a public speaking class and English. Both of these classes opened my eyes to the possibilities of writing as a way of expressing and cataloguing my thoughts. In my English class, all of our work was done online, and most of our graded work was submitted through Tumblr or our own Wixsite blog, which is what brought me back around to the world of blogging, but this time in a more professional way. After finishing my final ePortfolio hosted on Wix, I became interested in blogging and what it would take to launch my own site.


What to Expect: Content

It is my intention for this blog to write posts that express some part of me, and because of this, the posts will change as I do, but for the most part, they will involve some of the following:

  • My love of all things dogs, food, DIY, and crafting
  • My goals for a healthy lifestyle
  • My life as a college student
  • My life as a Christian
  • And my life as a regular teenage girl

If any of that sounds appealing to you, stay tuned…


My Hopes

While, “my hopes” in general involve much more than what’s shown on this blog (check out more about this under “About Me”), I hope that this site can act as a type of journal of my life and the things I care about, but also as a means of making content that has ideas that are somehow helpful or inspirational to others.


Welcome to my blog, it’s nice to meet you.


7 thoughts on “How I Got Here

      1. I love that you’ve found that and take the time to read and explore, I think that’s what makes the blogging community so great! It’s nice to see people who reach out to find new blogs (I do the same thing) because everyone is writing and wants readers, but not as many people try to be a good reader for others.

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      2. I guess it depends on what kind of experience we want here. I’m fascinated by people.. how we think and feel. I also love that I can interact with someone from across the world on here. ❤

        I mean, even virtually talking to you right now is amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

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