Workwear Shoes: For the Office

Workwear Shoes

Hello, loves! As you may have seen, I started working full-time this month at my new job (see the post). I’m still figuring out how to mesh ‘what I like’ & ‘what’s comfortable’ in terms of office attire. Compared to my casual, everyday style, I shop for classic work-appropriate clothing that’s comfortable and easy to mix-and-match. I tend to get a bit of shopping-overwhelm from the amount of choices, but for workwear, my focus has been the words ‘young professional’. 

When shopping for a specific style, like workwear, choosing a few key words (like ‘classic‘, ‘comfortable‘, & ‘young, but professional‘) make it easier to narrow down choices and build a cohesive wardrobe that suits you.

Workwear Shoes: For the Office

Workwear Shoes Kristen Shane

Which shoes do you like best with this outfit?!Workwear Shoes Kristen Shane Workwear Shoes Kristen Shane

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I’ve shopped around and saved a bunch of great workwear shoe options, so I wanted to share them, in case you’re shopping too. The majority of these are from Target or DSW and I tried to stay under $40 (although sales might change).

Lots of these come in different color options so be sure to check for those if you see a pair you like!

My Picks: Workwear Shoes


Mules & Flats

So far, these black mules have been my favorite! I found some similar options in a variety of colors and styles. I’m so glad mules are in style because nearly everything else gives me blisters on the backs of my heels. I’ve been wearing a pair very similar to these wedges on repeat. They’re a much more comfortable, all-day option compared to classic pumps.

Girl Boss Necessities: Coffee, cute shoes, & A+ attitude
Workwear Shoes Kristen Shane

Workwear Shoes Kristen Shane

Something cool I noticed on my shoe-shopping-hunt was Target’s ‘shades of nude’ version of their pointed toe pumps.

Nude/neutral shoes are definitely not one-shade-fits all, so I appreciate the effort to accommodate. The ‘mochachinno’ color would be my pick for my skin tone.

I’m honestly not sure if this post helped narrow down my options or just give me more shoes I want to buy! I’m looking for one or two more pairs of work shoes, probably one pair of mules and one pair of heels. Let me know which of these are your favorite!



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  1. Laurel Musical
    February 3, 2019

    This blog post is so darling. Owning a pair of nude pumps is a staple and I love the Gucci inspired Mule!

  2. Briana
    February 3, 2019

    So cute! Kitten heels are my go-to!



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