Why I’m Back on YouTube (4 Years Later)

Hey, y’all, it’s Kristen! Cheers to 7 days in a row of posts & videos on this rose-colored-corner of the internet! Today I’m sharing the raw honest story of why I’m back on YouTube, after briefly having a channel four years ago. I like to keep things real and show that I’m just a normal gal doing my thing, making mistakes, and learning along the way.

In this video, I tell the truth about why I stopped creating videos 4 years ago, why I took the leap to creating video content once again, and the reactions I’ve already experienced from getting back on YouTube.

It’s a very personal story and I feel like the video pretty much explains it all, so I won’t repeat myself here. TBH, it took me two tries to get this video right before I felt like I covered everything I wanted to say.

I’m so thankful for the support system & wonderful people who’ve stuck by my side and cheered me on all this time. If you’re a creator or blogger, too, I hope this video can be a source of encouragement to keep doing your thing and not be discouraged by the noise of this world.

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I'm Kristen, a small business owner living in the sunny state of Florida. I blog about running my Etsy shop (Lemon and Lily Co.), small business tips, & lifestyle content. I'm all about community over competition & finding the joy in every day.

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  1. Ashley
    August 13, 2018

    I can’t wait to keep up with your channel! It’s so brave that you followed your gut and are doing what you love. That courage will pay off someday!
    Xoxo, Ashley | https://thehoneyscoop.com/13-life-lessons-from-my-grandma-battling-cancer/


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