Easy Vegetarian Fast Food Options at 5 Restaurants

Easy Vegetarian Fast Food Options at 5 Restaurants

Hey, friends! I just celebrated 8 months eating vegetarian, and it’s amazing to see all the positive changes eating veggie has made in my life. One of the most common veggie/vegan struggles is ordering fast food! Some of the major chains have caught on with some meat-free options, but some are still slacking!

Fast-food is a habit, where I already know what to order. Which makes eating veggie even more difficult, because I can’t order my favorite Chickfila nuggs anymore! I’ve avoided fast-food mostly, which is good for my diet, but it is nice to know what veggie options are available when I do want something quick and easy!

I recently tried out vegetarian Chick-fil-a over on my YouTube channel and it inspired me to look into veggie options are 5 popular chains. I wanted to craft this veggie-friendly menu for substantial meals that aren’t just a salad without chicken, that’s just not fun or filling! I haven’t tried all these meals yet, but now I know what I can order next time, with confidence, but I’m in the mood for fast-food!

(Note: I’ll add ** and a note after the options I’ve tried. Also, I do eat eggs, so I’ve included those options as well.)

Easy Vegetarian Fast Food Options at 5 Chains

Easy Vegetarian Fast Food Options & My Orders

  • Chickfila –

    • Breakfast: Egg White Grill, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (no bacon), Buttered Biscuit, Sunflower Multigrain Bagel, Hash Browns, Greek Yogurt Parfait, Fruit Cup, Hash Brown Scramble Burrito
    • Entrees: Super Food Side, Waffle Fries, Side Salad
    • My order: Bagel & Greek yogurt parfait or hash browns; super food side & fries (** I’ve tried both & approve!)

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  • Whataburger

    • Breakfast: Pancake platter, Breakfast platter (no bacon), Biscuits & Gravy, Egg Sandwich, Egg & Cheese, Cinnamon Roll, Hash Brown Sticks, plain biscuit
    • Entrees & sides: Avocado Bacon Burger (no bacon, no patty), Grilled Cheese, onion rings, apple slices & fries
    • My order: grilled cheese & fries (** tested & approved!)
  • McDonald’s

    • Breakfast: fruit & maple oatmeal, Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait, Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit (no bacon), Hotcakes, Hash browns
    • Sides: fries, smoothies, side salad, apple slices
    • My order: fruit parfait & hash browns; smoothie, fries, apple slices – (** Tested, but this isn’t a full meal. C’mon McDonald’s!)
  • Taco Bell

    • *Claps* for Taco Bell for probably being the most vegetarian-friendly from my investigation. I haven’t actually been to Taco Bell recently to try it out, but you can substitute refried or black beans on just about any entrée instead of beef or chicken. They have a variety of sides sans-meat, and they even have a dollar menu Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito. Thank you, Taco Bell. Keep doin’ your taco thing.
    • My order: Crunchwrap Supreme (substitute beef for black beans) with a side of chips & nacho cheese
  • Burger King

    • Breakfast: Egg & cheese Croissan’which & hash browns or French toast sticks
    • Entrees & Sides: MorningStar veggie burger; fries or garden side salad
    • My order: veggie burger & fries

Easy Vegetarian Fast Food Options at 5 Restaurants

There you have it! Easy vegetarian-friendly meal options at 5 chains (that are probably within 5 miles of you, right now).

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of veggie-friendly options out there. I had no idea some of these even existed! Burger King has veggie burgers, say whaaat?! Burger King is one of the last places I would even think to go, but now it’ll be the top of my list to try. And surprising, McDonald’s is the most lacking, while probably the most common chain.

I don’t go to Taco Bell either, but now it’d be on my list! I was really excited about the Chickfila meal I tried, and I’d definitely order again. It’s also helpful that many restaurants serve breakfast all day now, which adds some great veggie options as well!

What do you think of this list? Have you tried any of these? Leave me a comment with you vegan/veggie fast food experience! If you liked this, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube or join my newsletter below!


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