Thoughts from 17,000ft

I’ve never flown by myself before, and I should start by saying I’m scared of flying. Even though I’ve flown a lot with my family, a few times with just my sister and I, and once with just a friend and I, it still scares me. Today, I flew home from Tallahassee so I can

I Learned From… The Unexpected

As if being in a sorority, completing my school work, going to church, and getting to the gym weren’t enough things to try and fit into my schedule, I recently decided I wanted to join Model UN. I’m trying to make the most of my time in college, even from the beginning, by being involved

The Little Things

While writing my last post, I had the idea of creating a list of “the little things” that make me happy and make my world a little better. So, here it is. I’ll be updating this list or making additions as I think of them, but you gotta start somewhere! It’s easy to focus on

I Learned From… Starting College

As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts, I just started my first “real” semester of college. (I was here for the shorter summer semester, where I only had to take 2 classes.) Now, I’m a full-blown-college-freshmen and even though it’s only my third week…

How I Got Here

 While I’d like to say that my journey towards creating this blog was a long, treacherous adventure, the tale of the creation of this blog isn’t very exciting, but it did take a while, over 18 years actually, and I think that is a notable feat. Given that I didn’t use a computer for the first

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