How to Re-Inspire Yourself

As much as we wish we could be inspired on-demand, moments of genuine inspiration are difficult to come by. Here are a couple methods you can use to re-inspire yourself, and get back on track to creativity!

If Minutes Were Money

If your minutes were money, would you like how you’re spending yours? If each minute were a dollar, you’d have $525,600 each year, and a new $1,440 every single day. But am I caring for my minutes the same way I would care for that much cash? For a college kid that doesn’t currently have a

Thoughts from November 9, 2016

It’s not what you think. I’m not going to tell you my political opinions or even my thoughts about the election results. I don’t like to get involved in political debates. However, in one of my classes today, my professor gave us the time to talk openly about our thoughts and feelings following the presidential election

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