Day in My Life: Real Life College Vlog

Day in My Life - Real Life College Vlog

Hey, friends! I filmed another ‘day in my life’ video where I film throughout my day (or few days) and casually show you my college routine. I’ve continued to get such a sweet response to these college vlogs so I’ve kept filming them and I really enjoy it! I love these casual videos because I think they do a great job at showing life, unfiltered.

WATCH – Day in My Life: Real Life College Vlog

Life isn’t always exciting, Instagram-worthy activities. Most of the time, I’m just getting work done and doing my thing in this last semester of college.

Around the 4:30 minute mark in this video, I also share something important that’s been on my mind recently, especially with some less-than-happy events happening lately.

You can always be kinder, and you never ever know what someone else is going through.

I will never get tired of sharing a message of positivity and kindness. I always need these reminders, so I’ll keep sharing them with y’all, too. For the most part, I’m enjoying this last semester and doing my best in all things.  Life can be really stressful, but it’s a lot easier to deal with the tough-stuff from a perspective that’s not clouded by unrealistic expectations or a constant effort to be ‘perfect’.

There will always be rainy days. There will always be storms. You can either let them get you down and soaked, or you can grab an umbrella, put on your rainboots, and stomp in the puddles. I just wanted to share this message today and a reminder to embrace where life plants you, and bloom with grace. I’ll hope you’ll choose to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

I’m planning out some exciting content for December, including my version of ‘vlogmas’ and ‘blogmas’. ‘Vlogmas’ is a relatively new trend where YouTubers vlog and post daily December 1-24, including lots of holiday-themed videos. I’m really working at improving my video content, so I’ll be doing my own version of Vlogmas this year! I’ll include more details about this closer to December, but when I asked if you guys wanted to see this on my Instagram, I received an overwhelming ‘yes’! So thanks again :). Talk soon!



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