College Vlog: Graduation Pictures

College Vlog Grad Pictures

In this college weekend vlog, I’m running some errands and taking my college graduation pictures! I had so much fun putting together this video and I loved how my graduation photos turned out. I’ll be posting more of the graduation pictures soon (closer to the time of my actual graduation). I wanted to get the photos done early while the weather is nice and before most people take their photos, so we could have the popular photo locations to ourselves.

WATCH – College Vlog: Graduation Pictures & Running Errands

It’s still a bit surreal to be graduating college in a month.

I remember taking my high school senior portraits during Christmas break just three years ago, and I definitely didn’t know then I’d be taking my college ones so soon. I’ve been loving filming these vlogs and I’m especially excited to keep creating them throughout the next few months.

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There’s a lot of exciting life changes happening soon for me, and it’s a blessing to be able to document them to look back on!

I’m so thankful for my amazing roommate for taking my graduation pictures for me. She really is the best!! Since I have a nice camera (and Brooke already takes most of my blog photos), she was kind enough to take these for me on my camera, and I edited them!

Doing this fun photoshoot got me even more excited for the next month and for the moment I can call myself a college grad! Thanks for joining my journey and sharing these fun moments with me!

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