Finding Balance in College Life

The transition to college can be difficult, but it really is about finding a healthy balance between stress (of classes, responsibilities, and so many activities) and stress-relief (doing the things you enjoy). When you master that balance, and find that happy place, college is enjoyable, and you can easily thrive. When you lose that balance, things can get out of hand. Today I’m talking finding a healthy balance in college life and how that will help you be successful in college.


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Let me start by saying that I’ve greatly enjoyed my college experience. I love being in college, and I wouldn’t have my life any other way. I was so ready to get to college coming out of high school, and I’m currently enrolled in my second year. The transition to college can be tricky but I think it’s all about finding a healthy balance between the stress of academics and responsibilities and fun activities, whatever that means for you.

(P.S. The photos from this post don’t really go along with it, but they’re from earlier this year and I never got around to using them! I always have a hard time getting good photos for my blog, but my little in my sorority took them for me, she is the best!!)

I was great at maintaining that balance last year, but it’s easy to lose hold of that balance in either direction. For some people, this might mean spending too much time on the fun things, and not enough time on academics. If you’re me, it means too much time on the stressful things, and not enough stress-relief.

Neither of these balances are healthy.

I guess I didn’t realize I’d lost my balance because I knew I wasn’t spending too much time doing fun stuff. I’m definitely no expert, and I don’t have all the answers or tips for maintaining that ‘just right balance’. Simple awareness of that balance is important, though, and I’d lost sight of that. Everyone talks about finding that balance when you start college, but far fewer people address the challenge of continuing to find that balance throughout college.

If you’re a hardworking go-getter like me, you might also find yourself in the cycle of working ‘til everything is done. While this is a good mindset, it can become self-destructive when ya just can’t get everything done. And that’s just life!

There’s always going to be something else on your to-do list.

So if there’s always something else to be done, then it can wait! If you’re also the type to work yourself to the ground, I challenge you to add self-care, relaxing, and fun activities into your calendar, so you have to do them. One of my goals for March was to take a bubble bath! And if I wouldn’t have put it on my list of things to get done, I might not have let myself take the time for it.

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Schedule yourself in for a bubble-bath, my friend. You deserve it.

Whether that means blocking out an hour to start that new book that’s been staring at you from the shelf, 30 minutes to tidy your space (less cluttered environment = less cluttered mind, thanks, Emily Ley), or treating yourself to a mani-pedi, take care of yourself. You are a top-priority to-do list item. No negotiating!

I hope this post helped you think about your balance of life, and whether you need to adjust for less stress or more fun! Go take that bubble-bath, pal, I mean it!


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  1. Brittany
    April 21, 2018

    Love this! So many great tips because i definitely know the struggle of being a full time student, haha.

  2. Channon Gray
    April 22, 2018

    This serves as a great reminder that life is all about balance, I found this when at University. Although, I also had to realise pretty quickly when to prioritise and when to let go. Being a student is really tough at times!

    1. kristenshaneblog
      April 30, 2018

      I’m always working to manage that balance! It is tough but I’m working on it 🙂


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