4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single

Valentines Day kristen shane

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s day solo (like me), I hope this post helps you enjoy your Valentine’s day in a more meaningful way and provide a little reminder to spread love every day of the year :).  

4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s as a Single:

  • Take it as the perfect occasion to ‘treat yo’self’

    • I love the love theme behind Valentine’s day. And sure, it be originally aimed at couples, but why not adapt the same message towards yourself & others (as I say at the end of all my YouTube videos 🙂.
    • I’m very goal-oriented & my friends know I’m a huge proponent of ‘treat yo’self’. Use this holiday to do something for yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise. Be it buying yourself a coffee (or just adding that extra shot of expresso), doing your makeup fancy (just because you like to), treating yourself to a fave meal or dessert, or even buying yourself a present.
    • If (or even if you do) don’t have a special somebody to treat this Valentine’s day, be the ultimate gifter for yourself!
Valentine's Day Kristen Shane
Today’s treat-myself: Jimmy Johns
  • Relax & enjoy the night off.

    • Sure, it’s probably not the best day to be out to dinner at restaurants… but it is a perfectly good night for embracing your season in life. Quite honestly, it’s a good reminder to be thankful for the fact you don’t have a significant other to buy a gift for, make plans with, and try to harness expectations around.
    • I hope you won’t always be celebrating Valentine’s day solo, but this year, I’m honestly pretty happy with my stress-free situation for this 14th.

      Valentine's Day Kristen Shane
      Oh, Kristen, what are you watching on Netflix?…
  • Treat your friends/family.

    • This day is a great occasion to show a little extra love towards others. I challenge you to spread a little love to those around you, just because.
    • Text your parents/grandparents/best friends that you love them. Facetime a friend you haven’t seen in awhile (especially if they’re flyin’ solo this year too). Make dinner with a friend or your roomie. Smile a little extra at people at work/on the treat. Everybody likes to know they are seen and loved.

      Valentine's Day Kristen Shane
      Well… it’s not a rom-com or a Disney movie so that’s a start
  • Realize it’s just another day.

    • Let me be clear, I love holidays and I love spreading positivity and kindess, as you’ve seen. BUT, I think Valentine’s day is one of the most over-hyped, over-commercialized holidays and has gone way beyond the intention.
    • If you’re in the season of hoping for that somebody to be your ‘Valentine’ or even if you’re in a happy relationship, Valentine’s day today sort of naturally breeds this unrealistic expectation of what the holiday should entail…
    • In appreciating singleness and learning to love people, just because, I’ve learned to harness my expectations and find the root of what ‘loving your neighbor’ is really about (and hint: it’s not just chocolate & stuffed animals).

I hope this post helped you appreciate Valentine’s day a little more, even as a single person.

There is more to life than romantic relationships, and there truly is a time and place for each season of life. I’m proud to finally feel happy with being single this Valentine’s day. And more than anything, I hope this post helped you realize that, too. Romantic relationship or not, there are always people to love and appreciate in your life, and this day is an extra reminder of that.Valentine's Day Kristen Shane

In case you didn’t hear it today or this week, happy Valentine’s day! Sending all the love your way, especially on this day. If ya need me, I’ll be spending the night enjoying good food & watching Netflix (aka Jeopardy – I have no shame).

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