Protecting Yourself From Digital Eyestrain (& Giveaway!)

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I’m a member of a bunch of Facebook blogging groups, where people can connect, ask questions, and share their posts, etc. The conversations mostly center around blogging, but last week, someone posted a question along the lines of, “What are you ladies doing to protect your eyes from digital eyestrain?” And many of the responses admitted to doing nothing to protect their eyes during their long hours spent on their computer and phones.

Some of these women are full-time bloggers, meaning their job is behind their screen! And as a college student, I spent hours and hours on my own computer every day.

Think about it: how many hours a day do you spend on a computer or phone?

And during those hours, what are you doing to protect your precious eyes?

If you’re like most people (and me, two weeks ago), your answer is probably, “Nothing”, too.

I’d already done some research into digital eyestrain and computer eyewear before seeing that post in the Facebook group, but seeing so many fellow bloggers uneasily admit to the issue brought my attention back to the problem.

Our eyes are so so precious, and we should do everything we can to protect them! It’s commonsense to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun, so why not wear computer glasses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light from your screen?


There’s a ton of research on the effects of blue light and long-term computer use on your eyes. Unfortunately, though, most of the research is new and the long-term effects aren’t apparent yet. (This article gives a good overview of the main studies and concerns.)

Most studies seem to agree that the high energy blue light waves emitted from computers and phones can cause digital eyestrain and be harmful to our eyes.


So now, what are you doing to protect your eyes from blue light?

Protecting Yourself From Digital Eyestrain with Phonetic Eyewear |

When I learned about Phonetic Eyewear and their computer glasses, I had to give them a try! I thankfully have perfect vision, but I’ve always loved the look of glasses, so finding glasses that actually help me is a win-win!

Their frames are super lightweight, so stylish, and help block the harmful light waves from your computer. Win, win, WIN!

reducing digital eyestrain Phonetic Eyewear glasses, "Blair"

Okay, so at this point you might be a little skeptical, and I was, too! How do these fancy glasses work, you ask?

Similar to the way sunglasses block harmful UV rays, these lenses help reflect the harmful blue light emitted from your devices, to help reduce digital eyestrain.


“But how do you know they’re working?”

Another valid question! You can actually see the glasses working for yourself, no fancy science needed. The blue reflection on the lenses is the blue light rays being reflected back, so there ya have it, folks!

Phonetic Eyewear - Reducing Digital Eyestain

I’ll admit, it was hard to pick my favorite pair from all of Phonetic Eyewears’s options (you can also choose prescription, nonprescription, or sunglasses), but I finally picked out these cute “Blair” style frames in ‘tortoise shell’!

I noticed mild eyestrain when I first started wearing these, which is normal, but haven’t had a problem since! Again, the long term effect of the harms of extended exposure to blue light from devices is still relatively unknown, but it can’t hurt to protect your eyes now.

I’m very impressed with the quality and customer service of Phonetic Eyewear, and I’d recommend their computer eyewear to anyone who uses a computer/phone/tablet for long periods of time each day (which, let’s be real, is pretty much all of us).


I wasn’t sure how I’d like these glasses at first, but now I find myself reaching for them every time I open my computer!


Giveaway Time!

I wouldn’t be telling you about any product I don’t fully stand behind, and Phonetic Eyewear is so awesome that they want to help you protect your eyes as well, so I’ll be working with them to give one of my lovely readers a free pair (prescription or nonprescription, your pick!) of glasses over on my Instagram, so be sure to check that out!


I’ve been working hard BTS on this blog to bring some fresh new content soon. I’ve always got a few new things in the works, which is one of the best parts of blogging.

In the meantime, be sure to stay updated on my last few posts here and on my Instagram!

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