8 Tips for Being a Successful College Student this Semester

8 Tips for Being a Successful College Student this Semester

We all want to be successful in the new year. The new year brings new goals, fresh starts, and for students, a new semester. As a second-year college student (who will graduate in 2018, crazy!!) I’ve learned a thing or two about being a successful student. In today’s post, I’m sharing 8 of my best tips for being a successful college student in this new semester.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Hello hello and happy new year!! My winter break has been much busier than expected, in a good way, and I simply haven’t had as much time to sit down and write as I was anticipating. I planned to do a “2017 Goals Wrap-Up” and start a list of goals for 2018, and this post…

Holiday Give Guide – How to Give Back this Christmas

Amidst all the shopping, commercials, and holiday gift guides, it’s too easy to lose the true meaning of the season: God’s ultimate gift of His son, Jesus. The gift of Jesus’s life is what we’re truly celebrating on Christmas, not all the presents you’ll open on Christmas morning. So, instead of creating a last-minute Christmas gift guide, I’m bringing you a Christmas give guide, with simple ways to give back meaningfully this holiday season.

20 Celebrations from my 20th Birthday

kristen shane 20th birthday copy

I just celebrated by 20th birthday yesterday and today I’m celebrating 20 things from my 20th year. I wrote this post last year just before my 19th birthday, and I meant to get this one up earlier, but life happens. I love reading birthday posts with people’s celebrations, accomplishments, and lessons from the past year! So today, I’m reflecting on life between 19 and 20, and so much happened. My mom was so surprised at me not being a teenager anymore, but I truly feel like I grew up this year.

I took a lot of bad with the good, and lows with the highs this year, but moving forward, I’m celebrating 20 amazing things that happened this year.

Finals Week & My Everyday Look

It’s finals week!! This semester has been a whirlwind and I have my first final this afternoon, so I’m taking a quick study break to bring you this college fashion post! I’m working on setting some new blogging goals for the new year, and I’ll have a post up about all those soon (along with…

A Month in Review – October 2017

Where did October go? More importantly, where did September and October go? I have been so much busier than usual this semester and time is flying by. In this post, I talk about all the craziness from the past month and my goals for November.

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