Candidly Kristen #1 – January 2018

Hey friends! For today’s post, I’m starting a new series called Candidly Kristen. I’ve had a few ideas and different names for these posts, but today I’ve decided to stop planning and start doing and get the first one out there. My goal for these posts was for them to be honest and real as y’all have learned is the Kristen Shane way. I’ve loved your responses to my last Instagram post (where I posted a 100% edit-free photo and explained why) and my last few blog posts.

So, I’m keeping it real and fighting the urge to over-edit and bringing you the first episode of Candidly Kristen. Today’s ‘January’ post is a combination of reflections from my recent winter break and from this past month. I hope you enjoy this candid peek into my life!

(Typically, I expect these posts to have what’s been on my mind and what’s been going on recently!) Here goes:


  • Possessions should have a purpose. I’ve learned a lot from Emily Ley (and I just reading finished A Simplified Life), but once it’s served its purpose, it’s okay to let it go if it’s just taking up space. This goes for clothes, shoes, and just plain stuff!
  • You don’t have hold on to things you don’t love, clothes and otherwise. Value the act of cleaning, donating, and de-cluttering. Your space is where you live and breathe. It should be a reflection of your mind and goals, not “I’ll-use-this-someday” things that no longer hold purpose or meaning.
  • Confidence can be put on, be it a good pair of heels or a power outfit. So wear makeup if you like to, and do your hair how you like it. You’re the one living in your body, so let your look add to your confidence.
  • It’s okay to enjoy spending time alone and at home. It’s actually really important to learn how to enjoy your own company. Sure, too much alone time can be unhealthy, but don’t feel bad about wanting to spend the night (or most nights) curled up on the couch with a book, Netflix, and/or ice cream instead of over “going out”. Your time is valuable. And it’s important to learn how you
  • The more time you make for God, the more you’ll see Him throughout your life. I’d lost touch with prayer for a while there, but that absence allowed me to re-discover daily prayer in a much more meaningful way. Prayer can be difficult, and we don’t all pray the same way. Read more about how I changed my prayer life here and here.
  • Is it God’s plan or your plan? Is it His will or your will? Is it taking you in the direction you want to go? Is it bettering your soul?
  • Self-reflection and daily examination are serious game changers, when taken seriously.
  • People won’t always get it. And people won’t always get you. And personally, if people don’t ‘get it’, or whatever it is I’m doing, I’m probably doing something right. And by “right”, I mean something challenging, out-of-the-ordinary, and something that might-just-be-amazing. The best things happen outside your comfort zone. And the best ideas always sound crazy at first.
  • Creative outlets aren’t silly, they’re actually beneficial to your health. Again, people might not get it. But it’s not their hobby, it’s yours. If everyone was a master painter, we wouldn’t know Picasso. If everyone could sing, we wouldn’t know Carrie Underwood. Purse your passions, unapologetically. Do the things you love, and don’t apologize for them. Read my post on the importance of creativity here.
  • People are rarely happier when they worry more about what other people think. Focus less on what this world thinks of you and more on what God thinks of you. He has made everything good in it’s time. Jesus started with 12 followers, so don’t worry about how many you have.

Thanks for reading, friend. I truly am so happy you’re here. Have a blessed day!


I'm Kristen, a small business owner living in the sunny state of Florida. I blog about running my Etsy shop (Lemon and Lily Co.), small business tips, & lifestyle content. I'm all about community over competition & finding the joy in every day.

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  1. slzang
    February 5, 2018

    I’m about to print out your goals and put them in your room… so relatable!! I especially loved the one about is it your plan or gods plan. I definitely need to trust Gods plan more!


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