A New Era of Kristen Shane

Hi, friends 🤍 It’s been quite awhile so let me reintroduce myself… I’m Kristen Shane & I’ve been blogging since my first year of college in 2016. Since then, I launched my small biz @lemonlilyco & was a part-time YouTuber for a few years, sharing about my experience selling on Etsy. I still run Lemon + Lily daily and while I don’t post on YouTube anymore, I hope to re-enter the blogging world in my new era of life.
After college, my career took a HUGE turn and I work from home in a totally different field than what I went to school for. But I’m doing something I love, that I’m good at, and at a company where I’m valued.
I haven’t shared it here yet, but in summer of 2022 my fiancé proposed (eeeeek😍) and now our wedding is so close!!! 🥳 I’d love to share more about the proposal or wedding planning if you’re interested 🤍
Blogging is a part of who I am and I’ve always struggled to feel like I have to fit in a “niche”… but what I realize more all the time is that’s just not how I roll. I have too many interests to fit in just one category. But here I am, in a new phase of life that I hope to share with you all 🤍
As a lil sneak peek, I’ll probably be sharing about life as a 20-something professional, books / reading / bullet journaling (and my great big goal of publishing a book…coming SOON!), small biz life, and of course wedding content!!
I’m thankful for YOU and for those of you who have stuck around for years now. So hi again, & here’s to celebrating each and every phase of our lives! 💕💕💕


With love, Kristen

I'm Kristen, a small business owner living in the sunny state of Florida. I blog about running my Etsy shop (Lemon and Lily Co.), small business tips, & lifestyle content. I'm all about community over competition & finding the joy in every day.


  1. Nick M
    May 26, 2023


  2. Gigi
    May 26, 2023

    Congrats to you and your fiance!!


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