You Deserve More Than a Text Back

text back.pngWe all know the feeling. It’s not pretty.

You send out that perfectly-crafted-text (probably edited with the help of your best friends) to that special person, hoping for the best, hoping for reciprocated feelings…

Only to find that message opened and read (thanks to iPhone’s ever-kind “read receipts”), with no reply.

Is that what it’s come to? Hanging our feelings out to dry in the form of texts left on “read”? Letting ourselves wonder why we weren’t good enough for a text back?

Come on, that’s ridiculous! And a ridiculous sign of just how little value we put on ourselves sometimes.


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My sweet friend, I’m here to remind you that you deserve so much more than a text back.

You don’t just deserve someone who will simply text you back. You deserve someone who will love you back.

You deserve someone who will honor you, respect you, and understand just how important you are.

Someone who will make their intentions clear and won’t play games with you.

Someone who knows how beautiful and amazing you are, and finds every way to make you believe it.

Someone who will take you out on real dates and show you off to the world.

Someone who won’t run and hide at the first sign of trouble.

Someone who knows you’re worth the fight.

Because you are. You’re worth it. All of it. 

And you deserve someone who’s willing to put in the effort.

You deserve more than someone who leaves you waiting for a response, wondering where they are and who they’re with.

Your relationship should not hang in the balance of a reply to a text.


You deserve so much more than someone who won’t even do as much as text you back.

You deserve more than someone who makes you doubt your worth and worthiness.

You deserve someone who makes you realize just how much you were made for, and lemme tell ya, it’s much more than a long-awaited response to a text.

You can do so much better than someone who’s “best” effort to get your attention comes in the form of a text or Snapchat or (*cringe*) DM of any sort.

You’re better than that, friend, and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you’re better than anyone who leaves you feeling like those messages are all you’re worth.


The Bible says you are more precious than rubies (Proverbs 3:15), and surely that means you’re more precious than anything that leaves you feeling “less-than”.

Your heart, body, and soul are worth so much more than that.

You are worth so much more than are worthy.png

And your love is worth waiting for.


You were made by the maker of all, and He made you for more than waiting around for a text, or waiting around for someone who isn’t waiting for you.

So maybe the boy-who-won’t-even-text-you-back doesn’t understand that. There will be lots of guys who don’t understand that.

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle.

And I pray that you won’t.


Don’t worry girl, I’ve been there, too. This post is just as much aimed at me as it is you.

I know what it’s like to be caught up in the feeling of craving attention and craving that text back. But I also know what it’s like to snap out of it, and realize just how much better than that you are.

In the frustration and waiting for “the-texts-back” from the wrong guy, I realized that “the-texts-back” weren’t fulfilling me the way I want to be fulfilled. I wasn’t being treated the way I want deserve to be treated. And most importantly, I realized that boy I was waiting for simply wasn’t worthy of my time.

I deserve better. And so do you. Simple as that.

Nobody told me that though, I didn’t let them. So here I am, telling you.

You deserve better. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again. If you think you can do better, you can.
you are worth

So, I hope you wait. Not for that meaningless text from the boy you won’t remember…

I hope you wait for the great-big-all-giving-forever-kind-of-love that you were created for. And I hope you wait for a man who was made for that kind of love too. I hope you wait for a man who’s feelings for you can’t be contained in a text.

I hope you wait for a man who meets and exceeds your expectations. For a man that is capable of loving you back. For the man who wants to love you back forever.

I hope you never settle for less than the man who wants to see you walk down the aisle.

I know I’d much rather wait for that man, than for any text notification.

I know the wait is hard. (Again, I need to take my own advice here, too.) But while you’re waiting, God is working.

When it’s right, you’ll know it. And it’ll be someone who knows exactly what kind of love you deserve.


So until then, I hope you decide to start waiting for the man who’s waiting for you, instead of waiting for some silly text back.

We both know you deserve better.


With love,





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  1. I needed to read this today. Thank you for this!

    1. You’re welcome girl! Blessings 💜

  2. What a beautiful, encouraging and oh-so-true post! Thank you SO MUCH for writing and sharing!!

    1. You’re so welcome friend!! 💜

  3. I love this message!! It is so important for everyone to understand that we are still worth it even in this digital day and age!

  4. Hi Kristen, thanks for your encouraging words. We are definitely worth more thank that

  5. Loved this! I didn’t need to read but it was so well written and thoughtful!

    -xo, Makaela

    1. Thanks girl!!!

  6. Thank you for this, I’ve definitely felt this way before but then one day I woke up, realized who I was, and with the help of God, decided I wouldn’t stand for it anymore

    1. I’m so glad you can relate!!

  7. I definitely struggle with this, it’s difficult not to, I think, in this world. But everything you said is SO true. I’ve been trying to tell myself this for a long time & eventually get caught up in it the next time someone “pursues” me through technological outlets but makes no personal effort. DEFINTELY an important message to remind ourselves of so we don’t waste our time or hurt our hearts.

    1. Oh girl I couldn’t agree more. It took me so long to totally free myself from all those meaningless pursuits… but MAN it feels good to finally stand up for myself again! I’m sure I’ll be tempted again at some point, but it’s a message I think a lot of people need to hear.

  8. Oh yes, amen!

  9. I love this, Kristen! I definitely needed to read this a few months back.

    Lauren //

  10. This was sooo good! I had a big smile on my face the whole time because i finally found that guy and i wish i hadn’t spent a second of my time or affection OR attention on anyone else! (: Love is so worth the wait. Thanks for sharing this with everyone!!

    1. That’s so beautiful, girl, I’m so happy for you!!!

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