Sunday Shopping: Outfit & Haul


Hey there, friends, it’s me again! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here, but I’m working on a “2017 Goals Update” post that will hopefully go up later this week and talk a little more about that.

Until then, just for a quick update:

My dream for this blog was to never have it be a chore, and to not have to constrain myself to feel like I “have” to do anything. That being said, I don’t stick to a strict posting schedule, I just post when and how I want to, and I plan to keep it that way! Since my last blog post, I’ve been working extra hard on my Instagram (and I just hit 900 followers, which is so exciting), which is practically like a second blog. I post on there more frequently if you’d like to keep up with me on the daily!


My next post will go into more detail about my goals for this blog from here on out, but while you’re here, I’ll give you a sneak peak ;).

I want to try and incorporate more style/fashion/beauty and DIY on my blog, along with my usual thoughts, faith, and inspiration posts that are the heart and soul of I want to keep the inspirational/life posts the center of this blog, but I want to add in some more outfits and other “girly” things that are another huge part of my personality.

Thanks for the sitting down for the little chit-chat with me! Stay tuned for another post soon if you wanna read alllll about what’s been going on with me.


Without further ado, my Sunday Shopping outfit & haul!

I haven’t been feeling as much like myself lately, so I decided yesterday was going to be a “look-good-feel-good” day, and that it was. I did full makeup and hair for once, put on a cute outfit, and headed out shopping (retail therapy, anyone?!).


I stopped first at Ross, and ended up finding two trendy shirts that I looove. One is pictured below, and I also found a garnet off-the-shoulder top that will be perfect for game days in the fall (go ‘Noles!). The blue pinstripe top was $10.99, and the red one was $9.99! I’m all about saving money and creating my perfect wardrobe for less!


Next, I treated myself to a trip to Ulta. I’m re-vamping my nail collection and picked up a new top coat from Sally Hansen, and yet another light pink nail polish. This one is the Sally Hansen Fast Dry in their new shade “Pink Blink”. Pinks and brights are my summer staples for nails! (Okay, and pink is my life-staple for nails & beyond…)

I work as a summer camp counselor, and we swim on the daily, so I needed a new waterproof mascara, and I found this one on sale for $3.50!!! I usually go for this one, but for that price, I couldn’t resist trying a new one out!

I’ve been working to find a good bronzer that works for my skin tone, and I found this one from NYX and went with the medium shade. So far so good!

All NYX products were BOGO 50%, so I got another shade of my favorite lipstick ever, the NYX Lingerie matte liquid lipstick. I already have the shade “Ruffle Trim”, but this time I bought “Bedtime Flirt”, which turned out to be similar, but a little lighter, which I like! If you like matte lipsticks, I definitely recommend these (and they’re only $6.99!!). They wear great with a little chapstick or lipgloss on top, and I would recommend researching swatches to find your shade, as they all look pretty similar in the tube!


Finally, here’s my outfit of the day!


I’m wearing this mint Vineyard Vines whale shirt that I’ve had for awhile, but you can find similar ones here and here (this one’s adorable and one sale!!).

My shorts are a favorite of mine; they’re the Loft Riviera shorts in navy! I have so many pairs of these shorts in different colors, in both the 4” and 2” inseam. They’re great quality, fit well, and are on sale right now!

I styled this outfit with my favorite large bag (would you believe it’s a Longchamp-dupe and was only $36?! Find it here), these trendy sunglasses, my go-to Jack Rogers in platinum, some Alex and Ani bracelets, and some of my favorite other everyday jewelry.

I love doing outfit & beauty posts like these, so let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to see more like this from me!!

Have an amazing Monday, friend. Thanks for being here. You’re amazing. Keep doing you.





  1. I love this look, it’s so fun and stylish!
Let’s follow each other darling.
Love from

    1. Thanks so much! Just followed you 🙂

  2. Love this, beautiful girl!! Both your outfit and the makeup updates – I’m definitely gonna go looking for that lipstick this week! Thanks for sharing, I’m so excited to read your goals update soon! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Allie!! I heard about that lipstick from another blogger, and it’s so great, you gotta try it!! 🙂 my goals should be out soon, thanks for reading friend!

  3. You have to make your blog work for you. A blog should be a home away from home, a little digital home, and everything in it should reflect your personality and passions. At least, that’s how I treat mine. I’d love to know your secret to getting Instagram followers!

    1. I totally agree, Vivienne! I think some people feel like they “have” to post certain things, and I don’t like that! I’ve had a few people asking me about Instagram tips recently, so maybe I’ll do a post about it! The biggest things are engaging with others & using hashtags to work for you! I probably engage (like, follow, comment) with 3-4 times as many people and posts as what I get back!

  4. Loved this post! I really love the sunglasses! The link for the tote didn’t load for me though. I’m not sure if the link is incorrect 🤷🏻‍♀️ yes, you should keep doing outfit of the day and shopping haul posts! x- Chelsea

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! And thank you for letting me know about the link, I just corrected it and it should work now! Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it! I hope to keep doing more posts like this one 🙂

      1. No problem! Yes, the link is perfect now! No worries 😊

  5. Loved this haul! That blue stripped shirt is SO cute!!
    Xox, Rebekah

    1. Thanks so much, Rebekah! 🙂

  6. Love this

    1. Thank you!

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  8. Loved reading this! Also, super cute outfit!

    1. Thanks Allison!!💜

  9. Love your haul, I also have Ruffle Trim and I have been loving it so far. I want to try the NYX bronzer, I have heard good things about it xx

    1. Ruffle Trim is my favorite!! I’ve only used the bronzer a few times so far, but I like it! NYX is always pretty consistent quality for the price!

  10. Love that t-shirt, the back makes it so fun!

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