Halfway Through 2017: Life and Blog Goals Update


Hi, guys! I talked about this post a little in my last post, and now that 2017 is almost exactly half way through (which is crazy), I wanted to update you guys on what’s been going on with me and talk about my goals for my life and this blog!

I’m home from college for the summer, and the adjustment to moving back home was harder than expected. I’ve been feeling kind of stuck and just not like my usual self recently, but I’m working on it, and organizing what I want to get done has helped a lot this week.

I usually don’t like creating bucket lists, because I feel like it’s better to make a list of things you’ve accomplished than to make a long list of things you may or may not get done… a lot can change in a year! But, I’ve been editing this list so far this year and I genuinely think I can accomplish most of it by December 31 of this year.

Below is my bucket list for the year, and after that I’ll talk a little about my goals for this blog so you know what to expect, and so I can keep myself accountable.

Some of these things are more general goals that won’t be “completed” until the end of the year, but I’ll keep updating the list as I finish things!


2017 bucket list

  • Donate blood

  • Donate hair for 4th time

    • I’m at about 7 inches so far…

  • Reach 90 total blog posts

    • This post is #64!

  • Keep above a 3.5 GPA

    • So far, so good!

  • Get a summer job

    • I’m working as a summer camp counselor!

  • Move into my house!!!

  • Find a little in my sorority!

  • Visit at least 6 cities other than home & school

    • St. Petersburg, St. Augustine, Orlando, Treasure Island, Marco Island, FL, & Big Sky, MT

  • Keep a regular workout routine

  • Learn how to code apps

    • a work in progress…

  • Turn 20!!!

  • Reach 1000 Instagram followers by the end of summer

    • I hit 1003 on June 30!

  • Celebrate 1 year of blogging

  • Do my first giveaway!

  • Blog more about style, beauty, & DIY

  • Grow the Facebook group (current member count: 48)

  • Apply for at least one brand rep position

  • Upgrade my site, or switch to self-hosted!

  • Work with more brands (or at least reach out to them)

  • Be able to look back on a good year: one where I loved more, laughed more, created more, and loved the life I lived.


Like I’ve said, I always want this blog to show who I am, and I never want it to feel like work. This August will mark one whole year of blogging for me, and I still don’t feel like I’ve totally settled in a “niche”, but I also don’t feel like I have to settle.

I love writing posts about my thoughts and what I’m going through, and you’ll definitely keep seeing faith & inspiration posts from me! But, as I’ve grown my Instagram, I’ve wanted to start adding more style posts too, so you can expect to see more of that, like my last post!


I love blogging because it gives me a place where I can be myself and make my own rules. I love that it gives me a platform to share my light with the world, and meet so many other incredible people! I love that it pushes me and inspires me and drives me to be better.

I never want to “just be a blogger” who posts content and disappears. I want to be someone who’s readers feel like they know me, and I want to know them! I want to connect with people, and reach for community over competition. It’s not just about “the numbers”. It’s about the number of people I get to reach, connect with, and support.

I’m so glad you’re joining me for (at least a part) of this ride! I hope you’ll decide to stick around and see where it takes me. 🙂


my latest Instagram post


  1. Go, Kristen! I love your energy and all the goals you set for yourself. I needed to read this today! Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! I really appreciate your kind words & support! Blessings girl!

  2. This is a great list and looks like you have a great start! I love bucket lists because it helps us anticipate the season, be intentional with our time and help us be grateful for all we have done! Happy summer, it’s always an adjustment! Xoxo Erin

    1. You’re absolutely right, Erin! I think I need it to do all this in the season I’m in. Happy summer to you too, girl! 🙂 blessings!

  3. That is a great way to do a “bucket list”

  4. Keep it up girl! I totally forgot to set goals for myself at the beginning of this year (lame i know). I’ve been thinking about setting monthly goals though!

    Sam | http://www.sincerelysamxo.com

    1. Thanks Sam! You should do it, to never too late!

  5. very cute blog! I’m a fellow native Floridian but old enough to be your mom. I don’t know where you live in FL but think about putting downtown Lakeland on your bucket list. Lakeland has the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the country. Have a fun summer!

    1. Thanks Kim! I’ll definitely have to add that to my list, that sounds awesome!

  6. I just love your honesty about bucket lists & really just doing your best, not stress about it. Your list is a good & healthy one with not so much that you feel overwhelmed. I’m excited to see how you do at the end of the year (and I’m pretty sure it will end better than you expected!) 💕

    1. Ahh thank you Lianna that’s all so sweet! I feel like people sometimes bite off more than they can chew with their lists but I like to keep it real!! I look forward to seeing what I get done, too 💓 thanks for reading!

  7. This is awesome! Makes me want to go back and check out my list to see how far I’ve come!

    1. Yes do it girl!! Progress is so important

  8. I love your Facebook group. IMHO, I think you also do a great job at connecting with readers.

    1. Thanks so much Lizzy! I appreciate that 🙂

  9. How ironic 🙂 I just made a really general bucket list post earlier this week. Congrats on completing the items on the list so far, don’t be afraid to kick the rest of the year’s butt!
    It’s honestly pretty impressive that you’re able to keep up as much with your list as you have, most people have trouble with even one resolution but you’ve seemed to maintain many goals at once.

    1. I’ll have to go check out your post!! Thanks so much! I try to keep on top of things, and not be that kinda person that sets goals and gives up / forgets about them! Goal setting & keeping is super important for me to get things done! 🙂

      1. Me too! Not to mention, it’s so fulfilling to set meaningful goals and achieve them. 🙂

  10. What sorority are you in?! 😊

    1. Gamma phi beta!

      1. That’s awesome! I’m in Alpha Omicron Pi.

  11. This is such a great list – I’ll have to sort out some resolutions for next year, because this is a really cool thing to do. I’ve been finding it really hard to blog this year, but I’m starting to get back into it!

    1. Yes, definitely do it, but don’t stress!! I’ve been working on my list all year to figure out what I’ll actually get done 🙂

      1. I might do a half year list 😀

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