Freshman Year Wrap-Up

Hi, friends! It’s been a little longer than I’d like since my last post, but I was busy devoting all my time to studying for finals and finishing out the semester strong.

I’m excited that my hard work paid off now that I’ve received my final grades, and now I’m happy to be enjoying my weekend of summer!

This year had a lot of “firsts” for me, so I wanted to look back at some of the great things I started this year.

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Since August 2016, I started…

  • My freshman year of college
  • Membership in a sorority
  • Living on my own
  • Life as a 19-year-old
  • Driving my “first” car
  • Working out regularly
  • Taking more pictures (and saving more memories) of other people, myself, dogs, and lots of pretty things
  • This blog!!!
  • Working on the house I’ll call home for the next few years
  • Living in the moment more, learning more, and loving & trusting more
  • Figuring out what’s important to me and my life
  • Making more time for things that make me happy (which means more time for puppies, writing, church, sunsets, and country music concerts)
  • Finally, my job as a summer camp counselor

Those are just some of the highlights. If I listed everything I’d be here all day…

A lot of big things happened this year, and I think it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge accomplishments, no matter how small.

I’m so proud of how much I’ve achieved this year, and am so thankful for everything that’s happened to me, and everyone that’s helped me get where I am.


  1. Yay for a successful freshman year. Your college experience seem like it went smoothly! I hope you enjoy your summer and looking forward to more blog posts!

    1. Thanks so much! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. My freshman year of college was the most fun year! I learned so much about myself that I honestly didn’t expect to learn at all! It sounds like you had a great year!

    1. Sorry I don’t know how I missed your comment! Freshman year was so fun but I did learn so so much! I really did! I’m so glad it’s summer now

  3. Love this recap, Kristin! Congrats on a great freshman year. 😀

    1. Thank you!!

  4. Congrats on finishing your freshman year! Take it from a graduating senior, it flies by! Treasure every moment. ❤❤

    1. Thank you!! 🙂

  5. My freshman year was four years ago, but it sounds like yours was so fun! Also Greek life is the best, I just went alum in mine this past week actually! <3

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