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I finally invested in three pairs of shoes I’ve wanted for a long time (Converse, Rainbow flip flops, and Nike Roshes). It was the prices of each that make me hesitant to purchase them, so here’s my in-depth review of them, and what I wish I’d known before buying!

(*Disclaimer*: I wasn’t paid for any of these products, I simply want to share my honest opinions of them!)

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I wanted them because… they’re super popular among college kids, and people wear them with just about anything. I wanted these to have comfortable, closed-toed shoes that go with everything, but was disappointed to find that I can’t wear them as much as I’d like because they just aren’t comfortable.

Color & Style (+):  I ordered the low-tops in black.

Size (–): I consistently wear a size 9 in shoes, sometimes 8.5, but Converse run huge. I ordered 9 in women’s Converse the first time, and was disappointed by how big they were when I got them. I ended up returning them and exchanging for an 8 and they fit much better.

Fit (–): Also, Converse run extremely narrow and are not available in wide sizes, which I don’t like at all. I have wider feet, and Converse are just not comfortable to wear for long periods because they’re so narrow. I consistently get blisters on my pinky toes from them, and I don’t think that’ll change because of the width of these.

Wear (–): These babies do take some time to break in. The white rubber parts got scuffed pretty quickly, and I’ve heard from my friends (many of whom have been wearing this brand forever) that Converse has seriously decreased in quality over time.

Comfort (–): Converse basically have no arch support, which is another negative. I added inserts to mine for added support, which helps. I was able to loosen the laces to accommodate for the inserts, but this doesn’t help the problem that they’re too narrow and squeeze my feet.

Price (–): $50. Definitely too hefty for the quality and comfort.

Overall (–): I wish these fit me better, and I wish they were available in wide sizes. I do like them because they look cute, but they definitely weren’t designed with comfort in mind, and I think they’re worth more like $25. I’m glad I got them, but I don’t think I’ll be buying more pairs any time soon. However, if you have narrower feet, these would probably fit you just fine!




rainbow 1rainbow 2
rainbow 3

I wanted them because… I wear flip flops pretty much every day, but I also walk 3-6 miles a day around campus and to my classes, so I need comfortable shoes. It’s nearly impossible to find shoes that look good and are good for my feet, but these are it for me! They aren’t the best support by any means, but they’re much more comfortable that typical flat flip flops.

Color & Style (+):  I got the “Single Layer with Arch Support” with the wider strap, in ‘Dark Brown’ (which isn’t really dark at all). I heard from friends who have these that the thicker straps are much more comfortable than the thin straps. I would’ve preferred an even darker color as the leather darkens with wear, but I settled for the darkest ones they had in the store in my size.

Size (–/+): I find it kind of odd that these come in sizes small – extra large instead of the typical numerical sizes. This sizing method kind of leaves you hanging if you’re between the size ranges, but the extra large (meant for size 8.5-9.5) fit me best.

Fit (+): Because of the way the shoes are built, there’s no way they won’t fit you as long as you get the right size range for you! The leather construction of these was created so that each pair will mold to your feet.

Wear (–/+): The leather darkens as you wear them and leaves a footprint on the sole, but again, these were designed to shape to your feet, which I think is a plus. Since they’re leather, they will stain from water, which is a negative. I know lots of people that are dedicated Rainbow customers and they say these will last you a long time!

Comfort (+): They do take a little to break in, but they’re built for that and didn’t take as long to break in as some of my other shoes (like Converse and Jack Rogers). My feet blister from pretty much all my shoes, but these really are the most comfortable flip flops, and provide some arch support, compared to regular, totally-flat flip flops. These are great for walking all day, and provide cushion and comfort that lasts.

Price (+): These start at $50 and increase in price with the different styles and designs, but I think the quality is worth the price! Unlike Converse, these shoes are well-built and I know they’ll last a long time.

Overall (+): My mom was sweet enough to treat me to these, but I definitely would’ve spent my own money for them, they’re worth it! I love having a pair of flip flops that are better for my feet, and I like to see that these shoes were designed with the wearer in mind! (I talked about these here, too!)



Nike Roshe

roshe 2roshe 3roshe 1

I wanted them because… I walk a lot every day, and need shoes that are comfortable. I’ve gotten into a consistent workout routine this year, and I wanted to treat myself to some cool tennis shoes in addition to the ones I wear for running and working out.

Color & Style (+): I got the Nike Roshe Ones in grey, because the Roshe Ones had much better reviews than the Roshe Twos. These are so pretty, and I love having tennis shoes that are cute for once!

Size (–): Again, I was disappointed by how big these run! I tried on a pair in store and ordered an 8.5, but they’re still big on me. I’ve been wearing Nikes forever, and their sizes are always odd. I probably could’ve gotten an 8, but decided to keep the 8.5 so I can add inserts to them if I want. I’d definitely recommend trying them on and walking around in them a little before buying.

Fit (–/+): The inside soles of these are bumpy, I don’t really know why. It’s not uncomfortable, it’s just kind of weird. My feet do slide a little in these, but it could also be because they’re a tad big. I do like the ‘sock-like’ build of these, and they fit well around my feet.

Wear (–): The white part around the bottom scuffed pretty quickly like the Converse, but it’s bound to happen with bright white shoes. I haven’t had these very long to see how they wear, but they seem well built.

Comfort (+): These may have better support than my Nike Free Runs, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day. I haven’t added inserts to these yet, but I probably will in the future because my feet need a little extra support.

Price (–): These were $75, and honestly I think all Nikes are overpriced. However, I really enjoy these shoes and they were a ‘treat-myself’ purchase and I’m glad I finally got them!

Overall (+): I really wanted these for the way they look, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are, too! I love having some tennis shoes that are more ‘athleisure’ style and can be worn with casual clothes or athletic clothes. If you’ve had your eye on these, I’d recommend them!




That’s probably more detail than you’d ever need about these shoes, but for how popular they are, I wanted to share my opinions.

I wanted each of these shoes for a specific purpose and while they are pricey and do have some flaws, they are good investments and I’m glad I got them all!




  1. The only thing Converse are good for is skate boarding and weight lifting, haha. I have a pair as well because they go with anything but I agree, not comfort shoes. The only pair of Converse I’ve ever had that were comfortable were the Converse One Stars back in high school (1995-ish) and even those are skate shoes.

    1. ugh yes!! I wish they were better built and more supportive, but they really aren’t as great as everyone makes them seem!

  2. May I suggest birkenstocks for a comfy everyday sandal. I love love love mine! And they come in like a bazillion different styles and colors.

    1. They seem like exactly what I need I just can’t get myself to like the style of them at all… but I might cave and get some because my feet need it!

  3. Sperry makes a closed toe shoe that is very similar to the popular converse but they are much more comfortable. I have a pair and wear them all of the time!

    1. That’s a great suggestion, thanks!! 🙂

  4. The Roshe’s are definitely my favorite of these 3! I agree, converse, not very comfortable!

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  6. I kind of love this shoe review post because I love shoes <3 I'm 100% for comfort and I'm willing to pay more for shoes that are good quality and will last for ages. I'm so done with cheap $5 shoes that look cute but fall apart after a year.

    1. Yes I agree!! It’s just hard to find shoes that are comfortable and cute!

  7. I have never heard of Rainbows! They look adorable and definitely will look more into it as I’m a college student too and live in the desert. Wearing shoes in extreme heat can get pretty disgusting, so I always resort to sandals or anything open toed. Thank you so much for this!!

    1. Rainbows are the best!!! And definitely worth learning more about and I can attest they’re worth it, they’re quality shoes. Wow I’m sure that’s hard!! Maybe these would be a good fit. I know they make a few different styles & materials so maybe you can find one that works!

  8. I’ve never heard of Rainbows but after reading your review I definitely want to try them!

    1. They’re great!! Since they’ve broken in and molded to my feet, they’re some of my comfiest shoes!

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