Spring Break Basics

spring break 1

I definitely wasn’t ready to go back to school this week, but it’s never too late for some spring break essentials!

First, here are the four items from this Instagram post.


Trendy Sunglasses

1What: these sunglasses in ‘Gold/Rose’

Where: Amazon (surprisingly)

Best features: only $12, and so cute!



Baseball Hat


What: Any baseball cap! The one pictured is from my sorority, but any favorite hat will do. (similar one here)

Best features: Great for sunny or windy days





What: Rainbow flip-flops in ‘Dark Brown’

Where: Dillard’s

Best features: Versatile, and the most comfortable sandals ever





What: iPhone Tiki Palm Phone Case

Where: Lilly Pulitzer

Best features: Adorable, and holds the necessities



Beach reads


What: this week I read “Grace, Not Perfection” & “Before I Fall”

Where: Target



Most importantly, sunsets!

Where: the closest beach, please!



Those are all my favorites this break! What are yours?



  1. Nice article!!

    1. Thank you!

  2. I was just looking for a new pair of sunglasses today too! I am ready for the sun!

    1. I like to get a new pair every year, I’m so ready for summer too!

  3. I have heard so many good things, about Grace Not Perfection, did you like it?

    1. Yes I loved it!!! It’s written more towards moms but it has so many great life tips & I already started doing a few of them! It’s a book I’ll keep around & reread for sure

      1. I really want to read that this summer, I am a huge Emily Ley planner fan

        1. Do it!! I’d heard of the planners before but didn’t know much, and she goes in depth about why she created them the way she did!

  4. […] and I like to see that these shoes were designed with the wearer in mind! (I talked about these here, […]

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