Infinitely Small, Yet Infinitely Loved

The observable universe is approximately 93 billion light-years wide. The Earth’s diameter is just under 8,000 miles, and light can travel at over 180,000 miles per second. It would take light 93 billion years to cross the observable universe (or, at least the universe that we can observe from our nearly insignificantly small planet), but

Thoughts from 17,000ft

I’ve never flown by myself before, and I should start by saying I’m scared of flying. Even though I’ve flown a lot with my family, a few times with just my sister and I, and once with just a friend and I, it still scares me. Today, I flew home from Tallahassee so I can

I Learned From… The Unexpected

As if being in a sorority, completing my school work, going to church, and getting to the gym weren’t enough things to try and fit into my schedule, I recently decided I wanted to join Model UN. I’m trying to make the most of my time in college, even from the beginning, by being involved

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