The Little Things

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While writing my last post, I had the idea of creating a list of “the little things” that make me happy and make my world a little better. So, here it is. I’ll be updating this list or making additions as I think of them, but you gotta start somewhere!

It’s easy to focus on the things that go wrong in life, or the “big” things that might not go our way, but I encourage you to appreciate the good, little things in life… they’re pretty great.

  1. Good hair days
  2. Hats on bad hair days
  3. Rain while you’re sleeping
  4. Soft blankets
  5. Fluffy pillows
  6. Clean sheets
  7. Warm laundry
  8. Wearing something new for the first time
  9. Eating your favorite food
  10. People who hold open the door behind them
  11. Holding open the door for people behind you
  12. Running into someone you haven’t seen in awhile
  13. Eating the cookie dough before the cookies are baked
  14. Eating warm cookies out of the oven
  15. Double-stuffed oreos
  16. Golden oreos
  17. Cookie dough ice cream
  18. Dark chocolate
  19. … pretty much all desserts
  20. Lemonade on a hot day
  21. Lemonade any day
  22. Chick-fil-a (any day except Sunday)
  23. Green lights
  24. Making someone smile
  25. Making someone laugh
  26. Giving compliments
  27. Getting compliments
  28. When someone notices when you’ve changed your hairstyle
  29. Friendly waiters/cashiers/employees
  30. Warm tea when you’re sick
  31. Fuzzy socks
  32. A fully charged phone battery
  33. When your favorite song comes on
  34. Windows-down-weather
  35. Finding a song you love and listening to it on repeat
  36. Free Wifi that actually works
  37. People who respond quickly to texts
  38. People who remember your name after meeting them once
  39. “Text me so I know you got home safe”
  40. “Drive safe!”
  41. “Do you want anything from ______?”
  42. Watching helpful Youtube videos
  43. Sales at your favorite stores
  44. Trips to Target
  45. Milkshakes of any kind (see #15-19)
  46. Making s’mores on a campfire
  47. Looking up at the stars
  48. Reading a good book
  49. Breezy days
  50. Sunsets
  51. Sunrises
  52. Any time spent on a beach
  53. When your food is ready quickly at a restaurant
  54. Not having to wait too long in line
  55. Getting a good grade on test/paper/assignment
  56. Having friends in your class
  57. Feeling good after a workout
  58. Post-workout/post-beach/post-long-day showers
  59. Dogs
  60. Playing with dogs
  61. Pictures of dogs
  62. Just dogs
  63. Painted nails
  64. Good outfit days
  65. Sleeping in
  66. Watching a good movie
  67. Eating your favorite snack
  68. Fresh fruit
  69. Chocolate-covered strawberries
  70. Bouquets of flowers
  71. Wildflowers
  72. Getting homework done early
  73. When people remember details about you
  74. “Bless you” when you sneeze (at least twice a day if you’re me)
  75. Watching your favorite show
  76. Meeting someone who likes the same shows as you
  77. Meeting someone who likes the same music as you
  78. Hearing a song that was stuck in your head
  79. Getting packages in the mail…
  80. … even if you bought them for yourself
  81. Finding a parking spot close to the entrance
  82. New shoes that don’t give you blisters
  83. “How was your day?”
  84. “Good morning!”
  85. “Good night.”
  86. “See you tomorrow!”
  87. Spending time with good friends
  88. Quality time with family
  89. Making new friends
  90. Learning something new
  91. Remembering a good memory
  92. Finding something you lost
  93. Laughing so hard you cry
  94. Hugs
  95. And pugs… more dogs
  96. The first bite of food
  97. People who offer to drive you
  98. Inside jokes
  99. Movies you can watch over and over and still enjoy
  100. Days when you fall asleep happy


  1. […] as simple as pretty clouds could bring me the kind of peace that only God can give, but as I wrote here, sometimes the little things really are the big things, and I’m totally fine with […]

  2. Love yr “happy” things–positive thinking makes a “happier” day

  3. […] The other point with this I’d like to make is in the minutes I spend on my phone. Blogging has helped create a positive way for me to use my time, in reading other blogs and in writing my own. On my other social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter especially, I’ve been trying to be conscious of the time I spend on them. After realizing that I don’t really benefit from Twitter anymore, in comparison with the amount of time I was spending on it, I deleted the app from my phone, and that alone made a positive difference for me. I don’t think social media is all bad, and I don’t like the extent of the stereotypes surrounding my generation and our phones, but once I actually thought about the amount of time I was spending absentmindedly scrolling through things that aren’t beneficial or interesting to me, I wanted to make a change, even if it was a small one, (like I’ve said before, it really is the little things). […]

  4. […] you’ve read some of my other posts, you know that I am all about the little things, and the big things, too. I have learned to appreciate all the good things in life, big and small. […]

  5. […] Look inward. What’s the problem? What’s keeping you from getting inspired? Stress? Overwhelmed? Too much to do? Figure out the root of the problem. Even if it’s something you can’t immediately fix, identifying the cause of your mental block is help by itself. Figure out what makes you happy, and do more of that (potential post of this specifically coming soon). For me, that means more sunsets, puppies, ice cream, and shopping 🙂. […]

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