I Made It… Kind Of

A year ago, it was hard to imagine this day. A year ago, I was just beginning my senior year of high school, at a school I’d somehow grown to be fonder of than I thought I would be when I was a freshman, yet still not as attached as it seemed like I should

The Calm Before

After eighteen and a half years of growing up in the same house, in the same city, with the same people at school, and my family always close by, I finally left the nest. I began college at Florida State University this summer, and since the summer semester was only six weeks compared to the

Why I Think Happy Thoughts

I have not always been a glass-half-full type of person. Even now, when I make a conscious effort to see the silver lining (and all those sunny cliques), I still find myself stumbling back into the mindset of  complaining and laziness sometimes. But once I realized how much changing your attitude can “change your life”

How I Got Here

 While I’d like to say that my journey towards creating this blog was a long, treacherous adventure, the tale of the creation of this blog isn’t very exciting, but it did take a while, over 18 years actually, and I think that is a notable feat. Given that I didn’t use a computer for the first

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